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Since 1948, The UNESCO Courier has gathered experts, renowned authors, rewarded journalists, acclaimed artists and the greatest thinkers of the past decades. Delve into our archives and (re)discover our most emblematic publications.

Fighting racial discrimination

From Claude Lévi-Strauss' work to Nelson Mandela's history, the Courier has always provided a powerful platform for debates and discussions on racism. 

The Intellectual fraud of racial doctrines (1953)

Answers to racism: the drama that still plagues the world (1971)

Racism: Free Nelson Mandela, brave advocate of the rights of man (1983)

Claude Lévi-Strauss: The view from afar – A selection of Lévi-Strauss' articles (2008)

'Racism does not need racists' by Jorge Majfud (2019)

Cover of 'Race and prejudice'

Our planet

In the Courier, the future of the Earth has continuously been at the heart of the debate. Check out some of our publications across time and place:

Man against nature (1958)

The Ocean's secrets: New adventures in science (1960)

The new world of the ocean (1986)

Biodiversity: A friend for life (2000)

Man and nature: Living in harmony (2008)

Welcome to the Anthropocene! (2018)

Climate change: The ethical challenges (2019)

The ocean: Time to turn the tide (2021)

Restoring biodiversity, reviving life (2021)

Cover of 'Man against nature'

The treasures of Nubia

In 1960 UNESCO launched an international campaign to save the Monuments of Nubia, which ended up lasting twenty years. Dive back into this success story.

Save the treasures of Nubia: UNESCO launches a world appeal (1960)

Abu Simbel: Now or never (1964)

Victory in Nubia (1964)

Victory in Nubia: The greatest archaeological rescue operation of all time (1980)

غلاف "انتصار في النّوبة"

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